Choose eco-friendly flooring for your Orangery

Choose eco-friendly flooring for your Orangery

Choose eco-friendly flooring for your Orangery

Orangery owners should consider eco-friendly flooring.

When it comes to moving house or giving your orangery a new look, it’s best to select a flooring material that is environmentally-friendly. Not only will this decision help you and your family to adopt a healthier and greener lifestyle, it also makes sure you are not releasing dangerous chemicals in to the atmosphere.

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One of the best surfaces available for eco-friendly Orangery floors is wood. The practices foresters use to produce wooden flooring, such as forest certification programmes that oversee sustainable forest management, mean that it is a renewable – and safe – resource.

Hardwood-OrangeryIn terms of production, transport and maintenance, wood is by far the least energy-intensive surface going and its naturally insulating properties make it the perfect choice when it comes to selecting flooring. The higher the wood content of a house, the more energy-efficient it is and by laying wood flooring you could be cutting your family’s carbon emissions by up to 88 per cent.

As well as making for a stunning and natural centerpiece to any orangery, wood floors are durable and can handle large amounts of foot traffic. This means they are ideal for domestic settings where lots of guests can be expected, such as the kitchen or lounge.


As bamboo is produced using grass, it is one of the most efficient flooring options you could expect to find for your new orangery. All plantation that is felled is then left to replenish for several years.

National Geographic reports that forest certification is now available for the hardwood-like material, meaning homeowners can rest assured their decision to fit it will be one that benefits the environment. It’s important for people doing up their properties to take pride in their renovations and with bamboo floors, you’ll love that everyone compliments you on your unique and warm flooring choice.


According to a study based on the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Building for Energy and Environmental Sustainability life-cycle assessment process, cork flooring is the material with the least environmental impact.

The surface is produced from recycled cork waste and has a potential lifespan of as long as 50 years, so it’s clear to see why it might be popular among householders. As a material that both looks good and protects the environment, it could be the ideal solution to making your abode eco-friendly and welcoming to any new neighbours you invite around.

Recycled products

National Geographic suggests that people should think about installing recycled flooring, as they are often of better quality than newer materials, plus they are more energy-saving.

It says in 2010, researchers revealed producing new flooring surfaces consumes 13 times more energy than reclaiming wood floors does, meaning when it comes down to it, we are far better off using second-hand goods.

Recycled floors also boast authentic and natural properties that are hard to find with artificial flooring and besides their visual benefits, they are also far greener.

This means there is less chance of you and your family developing metabolic or respiratory illnesses that are associated with surfaces that aren’t environmentally-friendly.