Wooden or uPVC Bifold Patio Doors?

PATIO DOORSThere are certainly two schools of thought when it comes to the type of Bifold Doors that is the best for your home, wood or uPVC, but you should always get local quotes.

Traditionalists will insist on using soft or hardwood Bifold Patio Doors, whilst those who do not express such ‘die-hard’ opinions are quite happy to consider using modern uPVC Patio Doors – and for very good reason.

In fact, there are arguments for both sides, but in my opinion, in most cases the argument for using wooden patio doors is aesthetic rather than functional – here’s why.

  • Longevity – uPVC will outlast any wooden door
  • Strength – steel reinforced frames don’t’ come with wooden doors, they do with uPVC
  • Security – all round multi-point locks are fitted as standard to uPVC doors, not so with wood
  • Maintenance – staining, varnishing, painting, no such thing with uPVC
  • Looks – for wood it’s down to choice of paint (which will peel, fade & crack) for uPVC you can select from a range of colours (which don’t fade peel or crack)
  • Finish – ah, the real feel of wood, however, wood grain finishes are available in uPVC

So in effect, and again in my opinion, there seems to be a clear winner here – uPVC Bifold Doors (https://www.doubleglazeddoorsfitted.co.uk/) are the best option for most situations.

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